USD/MXN Outlook: Another Rate Cut Sees Mexican Peso Resilience

The US dollar outlook is looking very positive for the next few months. That’s certainly a good sign for anyone who follows the exchange rate dynamics.

It’s not easy to forecast the future, but these currency outlooks tend to be pretty accurate.

For example, as soon as Donald Trump became President-elect, there was an expectation that the Federal Reserve would start tightening up their policy. In fact, it was quite likely that Janet Yellen would resign after this move was made.

In currency outlooks, you see a relatively even trend for the following six months. As the Mexican Peso continued to weaken, you would expect the US dollar to continue to strengthen and your profits from investing in foreign currencies would increase.

Forex trading is an exciting and lucrative activity for both experienced and novice traders. After all, we are talking about possibilities of massive gains. Yet, there is one significant downside to this form of investing: the risk.

It’s important to know that as long as the dollar is strong, the Forex market is unprofitable. Therefore, if you were expecting profits from the market, you should expect to lose those profits if the USD collapses. Just like the stock market, the Forex market is cyclical, meaning that it ebbs and flows.

When the dollar rises, the central banks of the world to raise interest rates and this tends to slow the economy. The result is deflation. You can be a millionaire in the short term but notin the long term. This is where one should keep a close eye on the USD as it enters its higher peaks.

There is a large number of market participants who do not like to be in “bear” or bearish territory. Instead, they thrive on the “bull” markets as they are more profitable in the long term. In this case, the majority of people who want to have a chance at being profitable with a low probability of failure would rather have the US dollar stays strong than to have the Mexican Peso collapse.

In Forex trading, the currency of the country of your interests is either going to remain strong or fall dramatically. When the US dollar is weak, investors will want to buy the Mexican Peso as this will be beneficial to them. Meanwhile, when the dollar is strong, they will want to sell the Mexican Peso and keep their money at home.

Just like in the stock market, the currency of the country that has the strongest economy is typically the strongest in the currency that is most favorable to that nation. This holds true with the Forex market. This is because the higher the economic growth, the more the central bank can print money.

If you are in a Forex position that is positioned to profit from large economic growth, you want to keep your money tied up offshore. You should also avoid any local bonds or stocks. Even if the currency drops by two percent, it would still be a large loss.

To really profit from the Forex market, you need to understand how and why the central banks of the world decide to tighten the economy. They will only do so if the dollar continues to rise.

Forex currency outlooks are a great place to begin. to learn more about forex investing.