Ripple Joins Global ISO Standards Committee for Cross-Border Payments

The Ripple Payment Protocol was included in the ISO standards committee, as a working group of web applications. In the period of five years, Ripple has proven to be useful for businesses around the world.

Ripple provides an unalterable standard platform that can facilitate connectivity and secure data exchange between banks, organizations, and users of the Ripple Protocol, without any middlemen. It can also provide seamless virtual services and interactivity between products and services, in real time. With the growing demand for greater trust and efficiency in cross-border transactions, Ripple is being looked upon by all the financial institutions that are searching for reliable alternatives to SWIFT.

Today, the Ripple Payment Protocol can accommodate cross-border payments in any size of amount. Ripple makes it possible for the Ripple gateway service provider to add to the flexibility and ability of the protocol to generate and process funds in a more streamlined way.

The Ripple gateway service can be accessed via a web browser or can be accessed through an application programming interface. Ripple will be compatible with any HTML, Java, PHP, or ASP.NET applications. Ripple payment process is really very simple and no special software is required to be installed to send and receive Ripple payments.

Ripple works in a scalable and flexible manner, giving you the freedom to easily upgrade your financial system. Its service will allow banks and companies to seamlessly move money across borders, with ease.

Ripple works with the same kind of customer focus as the worldwide headquarters of the Ripple Payment Protocol, which is represented by the ISO standards committee, acts as a silent partner and advocate for Ripple. The organization has been actively participating in international payment development, since its foundation in 2020.

Money flows from one place to another, depending on its value. Ripple has made it possible for individuals, organizations, and banks to transact directly with other businesses, banks, and financial institutions.

Ripple has established a reputation as a leader in interbank industry standards. The various aspects of the new Ripple Payment Protocol include interbank communications, transport systems, authorisation systems, clearing houses, cash management, and settlement services. Ripple is committed to continue pushing the boundaries of financial technology and to bring its clients and customers with the most advanced and secure payment processing solutions available.

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