The debate over whether or not silver will lose out to gold once Covid effects fade is a very long one, and there have been a lot of studies that have been done on it. One thing that has become apparent however is that the research that has been done suggests that silver may actually outperform gold in terms of investing.

The reason for this is that silver prices are currently quite low. Even though gold and silver prices have soared during the recession, it does not mean that silver is going to start doing the same. In fact, there are a few factors that could be contributing to this, but none are as important as what the future holds for the price of gold.

One of the reasons why silver is outperforming gold is because the price of silver is actually going down. While some people say that this is a sign of a bull market that is about to occur there is actually no such thing as a bull market in the stock market. It takes a certain amount of time for a market to develop and stabilize, and even if there is one happening now it will eventually collapse.

The other factor is that gold is going up. While this may not be the most comforting news for some people it is actually good for the average investor. Since gold is going up, there is a good chance that it will eventually increase in value which will mean that you are going to be able to make money when it increases in price.

The other factor that has been shown to improve the profit potential of silver is the fact that it does not need to be stored in a safe like gold does. Gold can be used for storing things and it can be taken to another country and sold for cash. However, with silver you do not need to do this so you are able to invest in something that is more likely to rise in value in the future.

It is worth noting that if you are trying to invest in the silver market then you are not going to be able to use gold. If you were to buy gold at a lower price then you would lose a lot of money when the price starts to increase. When you invest in silver, you can invest at a higher price and still make money because silver does not follow price movements like gold does.

Another reason why gold may be losing out at the moment is that gold has started to devalue against many currencies. For example, if the US dollar is the only currency that you are dealing with then you are going to find that the value of gold will drop significantly. However, if you are trading for different currencies and you are not using the US dollar then you will find that the value of gold will remain constant.

If you want to get into the silver investment market then you should take a look at the paper trading market where you can buy silver in ounces that are not directly related to the US dollar. This way you are not going to be losing money if the price of gold goes up or down.

When it comes to purchasing silver you should try to buy it from the paper trade rather than from physical stores. The paper trade is where all the big buyers from all around the world come together and place their orders in order to purchase silver on the market so they can then sell it back to you at a higher price.

In order to get a good return on your investment then you should try to find an opportunity where you can purchase silver on the silver market and then sell it back to the paper trade. This can mean that you are going to have to find a buyer from an Asian country. However, if you do not know anything about Asian investors then this may not be the right way to invest in silver.

In conclusion, you are probably going to have to look at all of these factors before you make a final decision. However, it is likely to be a good idea to do your research before investing so that you are sure that you are doing everything in your power to ensure that you are making the right decision.

When it comes to buying things in the online world, one of the biggest mistakes that people make is paying for things in U.S. currency and then expecting to buy things in Canadian money when they need it. However, there are a few reasons why you should do business with your local exchange if you’re looking to do business on the internet.

vs. | Canadian dollars} There are a number of reasons why the Canadian dollar is much more stable than the New Zealand dollar. For starters, Canadian trade deals are much more stable than U.S. trade deals. The Federal Reserve has been working very hard to keep interest rates high enough so that the U.S. economy doesn’t get too far ahead of itself and cause trouble for the United States.

vs. | Canadian currency} On the other hand, the Canadian currency is very stable. The central bank of Canada has kept interest rates pretty high as well, because it wants to make sure that the U.S. economy doesn’t have too much momentum. It’s not easy to move the Canadian dollar from a lower level to a higher level quickly, so it is better to stick with a stable exchange rate like the U.S. dollar, which will allow you to buy or sell things at a reasonable exchange rate.

vs. | Canadian dollars} In addition to all of this stability in the Canadian dollar, there are also a number of countries in which it is very difficult to move their money. Because of this, it is much easier to buy goods in these countries and then buy them back in the New Zealand dollar.

vs. | Canadian dollar} It is important to understand the difference between the two major currencies before you make any decisions about buying and selling items online, or trading on the internet. Since you will need to use both of these currencies, you will be using both the American dollar and the Canadian dollar as well. It is often easy to move money from one of these countries to the other.

vs. | Canadian dollars} If you are going to be using the Canadian dollar as your primary currency for your transactions, it might be a good idea to look at the prices of the Canadian dollar and the U.S. dollar. You may be surprised at how much cheaper Canadian dollars seem to be than the U.S. dollars. This is particularly true if you purchase things online, because many online merchants are offering free shipping.

vs. | Canadian dollars} In addition to this, there are several ways that you can use the Canadian dollar to pay for things online. One of the best ways is to use a credit card to pay for your items in the U.S. when you buy them in Canada. Using this method, you can easily transfer your money between the two major currencies easily and get a great deal on the merchandise that you are buying.

vs. | Canadian dollars} Also, there are a number of companies online that will help you to buy things in the U.S. and then buy them in the Canadian dollar, which makes it easier to pay for them online. These companies generally have low over-the-counter spreads and allow you to get low interest rates on the purchases that you make.

vs. | Canadian dollar} Another advantage of using a credit card to pay for items in the U.S. and then buying them in the Canadian dollar is the fact that the U.S. dollar is usually stronger against the Canadian dollar. As a result, you can sometimes end up saving quite a bit of money by using your credit card to make purchases online. in the U.S. and then converting those same purchases to the Canadian dollar when you use a card to pay for them online in Canada.

vs. | Canadian dollars} When you compare the costs of using your card online to pay for the items that you want to purchase online, you will find that when you use your card to pay for them, you will save money on the amount that you were paying in the U.S., but you might also find that you end up paying more in Canadian dollars when you use a card to pay for the same items online. If you do this, you should check with the company that you are using to make these purchases to determine the exact pricing and then take steps to transfer your balance to the Canadian dollar account. so that you will be saving the Canadian dollar when you pay for those same items online.

vs. | Canadian dollar} It is important to realize that when you are shopping online, the prices on items can vary widely between the Canadian dollar and the U.S. dollar. When you use a card to pay for the same items online, you will save money on the amount that you are paying in U.S. dollars, because you are not paying the same amount of money each time you use your card to make a purchase.

Market Sentiment: US Dollar, Stocks, Oil Price Waits For US Aid Deal to Be Enacted. We’ve seen some very strong market indicators over the past few months such as the ISM manufacturing index being well supported and both of the top 10 currencies being near all time highs but this time we need to pay close attention to the situation in Iran.

Market Sentiment: US Dollar, Stocks, Oil Price Waits For US Aid Deal to Be Enacted. If you’re not paying attention to what’s going on in Iran, here’s what I mean. The Islamic Republic of Iran has taken over a major oil production facility and has threatened to close it and send a tank to the United States of America in order to keep it open or at least to make it unprofitable in the current environment.

Market Sentiment: US Dollar, Stocks, Oil Price Waits For US Aid Deal to Be Enacted. This action has led to a global reaction. Many investors have lost money, while others have gained money. I believe this one to be the most important one to watch since the market could move against the United States of America and even Europe.

Market Sentiment: US Dollar, Stocks, Oil Price Waits For US Aid Deal to Be Enacted. Many of those who are taking action right now are doing so in anticipation of a US President being called into the office next January. They may decide to re-controversial the existing sanctions against Iran, so that oil prices and oil production are able to be kept up even higher, which would in turn, cause the market to go in the other direction.

Market Sentiment: US Dollar, Stocks, Oil Price Waits For US Aid Deal to Be Enacted. There is also a possibility that the new US administration could end sanctions against Iran without going through Congress that would lead to more money flowing into the country with Iran being the main beneficiary.

Market Sentiment: US Dollar, Stocks, Oil Price Waits For US Aid Deal to Be Enacted. The bottom line is that we have a lot of options to choose from, but we need to get in before it goes too far in either direction.

The US dollar should continue to be strong while the markets in Europe and Japan are weaker. In other words, let the oil prices and production remain strong to support a strong US Dollar.

However, it is important to note that many analysts think that the market sentiment will be against the United States and Europe in the short term, but that will soon change. So take advantage of it.

One thing to watch is if there is a sudden increase in the prices of crude oil and gasoline because of the European market. If it becomes more expensive in Europe for oil, this will cause a huge spike in oil prices on the U.S. side of the Atlantic, which may be too much for the economy of the United States, which may lead to an economic decline or an economic contraction.

The US economy should remain stable as long as the oil prices remain at around $100 per barrel. and it’s certainly possible that the price may go even higher when it comes to a decision by the United States government whether to lift the existing sanctions or not.

This is when you can take advantage of this type of market sentiment and do what is best for the U.S economy. Buy cheap oil and get in right away, and make money, because this time, you are right. There may be no tomorrow, but I’m sure if you wait for tomorrow, it will come.

Why not get in now to see what happens when the market goes against the United States of America? You will be glad you got in and be a winner. I know I was. Think about all the money you saved when the market was up and then get out when the market drops and move the market in a direction you want.

Both the ECA (Expansion Corridor) and ECA (Economic Activity Corridor) countries are starting to get bullish on the currency markets with the outlook for US Dollar demand fading. The only thing is that ECA countries like Russia are not as bullish as the ECA countries like Australia and China.

The ECA countries are the ones that hav

e been helping out the Euro and European Union in terms of their trade deficit. They also have good ties with Asia and Africa. However, if the Euro gets stronger again, it would help the Euro to become the number one currency. This means the ECA is still bullish.

This does not mean that other countries are not bullish on the Euro. It is not like the US Dollar is losing value or anything. It is just a trend that is showing up in the markets. If the Euro strengthens, the US Dollar will most likely weaken. The two currencies have very different strengths.

The weakness in the Euro would make it easier for the Euro to become the number one currency because more people will want to use it. The strength of the Euro will push the Euro prices down. This is good news for the European Union but it does not mean that the US Dollar will be dropping in value anytime soon.

If the European Union strengthens, more people will start using the Euro, meaning that it will lose value over time. On the other hand, if the Euro weakens, more people will switch back to the US dollar which is the stronger currency. This means the strength of the Euro could stay the same but the US Dollar might drop further.

In the end, both the US Dollar and the Euro will continue to move down. The difference is the direction of the movement. In this case, the weakness of the Euro would be good news for the Euro and the US Dollar. However, the weakness of the US Dollar is a sign that the USD will be losing value. in the long run.

The price of the US dollar has dropped by more than 15% since the Federal Reserve announced its interest rates hike. However, if the Federal Reserve continues to raise rates, the dollar will rise. However, if the Fed does not raise rates, the dollar will remain the same and fall. The price movement is dependent on the current trend.

Therefore, the outlook for the US Dollar remains bullish, but it is not bullish in the long run and is dependent on the current trend. As the market matures, the Euro will probably continue to strengthen and weaken.

If the Euro falls in value, the strength of the Euro will offset the strength of the US Dollar. On the other hand, if the Euro increases in value, then the strength of the Euro will offset the strength of the US Dollar.

If the Euro falls in value, more people will switch to the US dollar, which is weaker in value than the Euro. On the other hand, if the Euro rises in value, more people will switch to the Euro, which is stronger in value than the US dollar.

The price of the US dollar has been declining since the Federal Reserve announced its interest rate hike and the current outlook is for the Euro to weaken. and the EUR to remain strong.

It is possible that the United States Dollar may fall in value against the Euro, but the euro is still bullish. If the price of the US dollar declines against the Euro then it is possible that the US Dollar will drop to $1.00 and the Euro will become the stronger currency. If the Euro rises in value, then the strength of the Euro will offset the strength of the US Dollar and it becomes the weaker currency.

US Dollar is a very powerful Forex trading system that trades USD for you automatically. It has been in operation since 2020, but only recently has it reached its full potential. It has an amazing and powerful Forex trading system that has created a huge market for itself. If you are looking for a solid Forex system that has a high level of trading support, you should consider this one.

This is an all in one automated Forex trading system that trades for you around the clock and has an amazing ability to trade for you on the side. The system works by setting up two automated Forex robots and then placing your trades using this software. This software works in conjunction with the software that you have in your trading account and takes the trades for you.

This system is highly advanced and as you will see the reason why it is a huge level for trading. The reason that it is so powerful is because it has the ability to trade for you and then place your own trades when the market is open. This software has the ability to be customized to meet your individual trading needs.

The other main reason that this trading system is so advanced is because it can trade for you on the side and place your own trades on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. It also has the ability to create Forex signals. This means that you will have the ability to know what to expect in the market when it is open and how to trade accordingly when it is closed.

Another reason that this system is so advanced is because it is an all in one Forex system that trades on both the US Dollar and the Euro. If one currency depreciates and the other rises, this system trades automatically and accordingly.

The other major reason that this system is so advanced is that it has a Forex signal generation module. This module helps you to generate your own Forex signals when the market is open and when the market is closed. This is especially important for Forex traders who are new to the market and want to have the ability to place trades themselves and avoid having to rely on the software.

These are just a couple of reasons that this system is so advanced and can be used by new or inexperienced traders alike. If you have any doubts about the system and what it can do, you should look at the video that is available and watch for yourself.

US Dollar is an all in one Forex trading system that trades for you and helps you do the trades for yourself. It does require some investment on your part and has a high level of support. You should invest the money that you have available in it because it has many options.

US Dollar is a Forex system that is completely automated. It will not trade for you and it will not do the trades for you. It does require a high level of dedication from you if you want it to work for you. The way this system works is that it automatically trades for you based on its analysis of the market and it makes recommendations based on the data it has been studying.

Another thing that makes US Dollar so advanced is the fact that it is very easy to use. It takes less time to set it up and get it to work than most trading software that you can find today. It also makes it very easy to set up your own Forex signals.

Another reason that this system is so advanced is because it is an all in one Forex trading system. It can trade for you and help you do your trades for you. It trades automatically and is a great system to use with other Forex trading systems as well.

USDollar is a very advanced software that is very easy to use. It has many options to choose from and the options are pretty much endless. There are many different options and you will want to research this one.

After the job creation figures were released, the British Pound (GBP) is falling a little more steadily. This comes as little surprise, as the economic recovery is still in its early stages and many Brits are still feeling the effects of the recent job losses.

Even though many are optimistic, the British Pound has suffered a minor but significant decline. As with most currencies, the British Pound (GBP) has not been doing very well. For the past month, the British Pound has traded in a narrow range between sixty and seventy US dollars. At this time, the markets have stabilized and the GBP/USD is looking like it will continue to go lower.

The recent jobs report has failed to inspire confidence in the global economy. The numbers are down significantly from the end of 2020 and seem to have hit rock bottom. Furthermore, the unemployment rate is still at levels that many people would consider to be “double-digit” levels.

Meanwhile, the British Pound is looking weak as a result of this decline. People are still hopeful and believe that the government will do everything possible to get people back to work. The great news is that many British citizens are still employed. However, the job loss has also hit business in the United Kingdom.

The upshot is that the numbers for job creation are being met with mixed reactions. The Labor Force Survey (LFS) indicates that about 40% of the labor force is unemployed and at risk of losing their jobs. While this may still be a good number, many are waiting to see if the government will announce some sort of stimulus package or tax increase.

The impact of the LFS and the Bank of England’s monetary policy have been felt internationally as a result of the weak trade and foreign exchange rates. The impact on the U.K. economy has been quite significant.

For example, many businesses in the United Kingdom are hedging their positions against EUR/GBP and other currencies. This will help them protect themselves against market risks. If EUR/GBP drops significantly, hedgers will be forced to cover their positions and that means that they will lose money on those hedges.

The British Pound is currently trading at around eighty to one hundred U.S. dollars. Since many Brits are still hopeful, the currency can still rise a little bit higher. However, at this point the weakening effect is quite substantial.

If the British economy continues to experience more job losses and even more unemployment, the impact will be felt on the British Pound. As long as the country is struggling, this weak currency is a viable currency to buy. However, the final analysis is that it is going to take a while before it recovers any significant value.

The weakness of the British Pound is forcing currency traders to make educated guesses about what currency to buy. The Bank of England has helped to stabilize the British economy, but many do not expect it to be able to stabilize the European economy as well. Many think that European governments may finally agree to a plan to tighten the credit and currency markets.

If this occurs, the effect on the currency market should be quite severe. It is only a matter of time before a big correction occurs. For now, the currency markets are showing signs of life and optimism.

The future for the British Pound is still in question. Even though many believe that the British economy is showing signs of stability, the outlook for the pound remains murky.

The current European trading session has seen a “moderate” downturn in the GBP/USD, FTSE 100 Stock Index, despite the “No Deal” Brexit. However, the result of today’s negotiations on the UK’s exit from the EU, and the details of the European Council’s assessment of the situation, appear to have done little to improve the outlook for today’s trading session. Here are the key points from the announcement, released by the European Council, as it relates to the economic impact on the UK’s economy and financial services sector.

The impact will be felt on all four of the euro area countries that have opted to leave the union: Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece. It’s also likely to affect UK exports to the remaining countries as well. Those seeking a stronger indication of the potential outcome than this brief assessment of the discussions, should look at the prices and fluctuations in the currency markets.

If the exchange rate falls too far, the news is not positive for the GBP/USD, FTSE 100 Stock Index. This may cause volatility in the index but that volatility is best contained in the short term by the trading day, and by even moderate volume to avoid the “flash crash” symptoms.

Overbought conditions are likely to continue and those seeking greater reassurance about the GBP/USD, FTSE 100 Stock Index outlook should hold onto their positions. The main reason for overbought conditions is to do with the uncertainty of the financial system following the uncertainty caused by the vote for Brexit. Any move higher in the GBP/USD, FTSE index is unlikely.

In contrast, if the exchange rate rises, and it is anticipated to rise, the future scenario is likely to be better for the GBP/USD, FTSE index. Further stability will be provided by the “emergency liquidity assistance”, put in place to ensure payments to financial institutions. The GBP/USD FTSE index should then move higher but may again experience a bout of volatility in the middle of next week, as the conditions of the emergency liquidity assistance, and the renewed uncertainties surrounding the markets and exchange rates, become clearer.

This is where a trader looking for a break to support the GBP/USD, FTSE index, would be best advised to trade short positions to lock in gains. Trade short positions if the index reverses and is likely to reverse as a result of the “No Deal” Brexit.

A lower level for the GBP/USD, FTSE index at the conclusion of the two-day Bank of England meeting will create an opportunity for investors seeking stability, in that an increase in the national budget deficit to 5% of GDP, rather than the initial forecast of 4.5%, could soon raise inflation and weaken the exchange rate. On the other hand, if the summit is postponed, or the deficit reduced by reducing the public sector deficit, then inflation could be low, and the exchange rate higher.

In the most optimistic scenario, the outcome of the negotiations in Brussels has no impact on the GBP/USD, FTSE index, but traders should keep a close eye on any movement of the index into a range over the next week. If the initial forecasts of a rise are met, then the GBP/USD, FTSE index could trade into a range, with potential benefits to either side.

Investors should keep track of major events related to the negotiations as they relate to the impact on the financial services sectors, and any reaction from the central banks. Most analysts expect the political uncertainty to result in a weakening of both the USD/GBP exchange rate and the GBP/USD, FTSE index.

Most forex brokers and analysts recommend selling short positions in the GBP/USD, FTSE index, for the next two weeks. Only those who are seeking higher returns should consider shorting GBP/USD, FTSE index, given the challenges that face the currency pair. markets as a result of the “No Deal” Brexit.

This is one of the primary reasons that the USD/MXN continues to slide lower than support for resistance levels. As support continues to break as of late, the USD/MXN is no longer acting as a strong resistance in the market. In fact, this may be a good entry point for those who are attempting to take profits in the market.

It is difficult to understand why the Euro and European Economic Bloc should allow their currency to sink so low when they can intervene at any time to stop it from moving any further. Not only does this increase speculation within the market, but it causes the USD/MXN to become a paper currency. However, this has not stopped them from constantly intervening in the market and making it weaker than it really is.

The only reason they are allowing the USD/MXN to slide so far below support is because they have taken too much out of the currency. During times of increased intervention, the dollar strengthens. However, in times of decreased intervention, the dollar weakens.

During times of increased intervention by the European Economic Bloc, the dollar strengthens. This allows the dollar to act as a strong resistance level in the market. In times of decreased intervention, the dollar weakens.

There are several reasons why the dollar strengthens during times of increased intervention by the European Economic Bloc. They intervene at any price level within the market. Therefore, this has created a situation where it is very difficult to price into the market a weak dollar or a strong dollar.

If the weak dollar is priced into the market, there will be an increased speculative move by investors to the AUD/USD and EUR/USD. Therefore, if the weak dollar is priced into the market, there will be more profit in the market than there would be if the strong dollar was priced into the market. Therefore, we can see that the stronger dollar protects against the weaker dollar.

If we look at the same conditions today, we can see why the US Dollar is strengthening versus the Euro and European Economic Bloc. First, we can see that the United States has a trade deficit with the European Economic Bloc. Since the United States exports more than it imports, this creates a trade deficit.

Therefore, in terms of trade and creating jobs, it creates a stronger dollar. Second, we can see that the US Dollar is now trading at a higher rate than its historic average. Therefore, it is difficult to price into the market a weaker dollar.

However, if the weak dollar is priced into the market, then it will be very difficult to price into the market a stronger dollar. Therefore, we can see that the weaker dollar protects against the stronger dollar. Therefore, the weaker dollar makes it very difficult to price into the market a stronger dollar.

Finally, we can see that the US Dollar is currently at its lowest point since the 1970’s. If the USD weakens, we can expect a major sell off within the market. Therefore, we can see that the stronger dollar protects against the weaker dollar.

If the US Dollar weakens, we can expect a major sell off within the market. Therefore, we can see that the stronger dollar protects against the weaker dollar.

As long as the US Dollar is supported by the European Economic Bloc, we can expect the USD to strengthen as we move forward in time. In order to protect against any further weakening of the USD, it is imperative that traders take profits in the market.

Crude Oil prices are rising steadily from an historically low level. We are in a long-term upward trend in most of the commodity markets. How can this be? When the price of oil is at a historical low, you know that it will not continue to rise.

Once the traders make money on their purchases, they will sell for a profit. Although we have been in a long-term downward trend, the price is still up slightly and moving up. This means we have more room to run. Lower prices are always a sign of improvement, not decline.

One positive for traders is that the bottom has not yet been reached. There are many technical indicators, but most traders do not understand them and are still using base case analysis. We have been in a decline since May and the commodity market was negative for two months. This is normal and traders should not panic.

One thing to remember is that the downward move is temporary. If you are a trader who has used the base case analysis and you see lower prices, do not dismiss them out of hand. Instead, you should review your charts and check for bullish reversal patterns that are forming.

The reversal signs for the commodity markets tend to last longer than the base case signals. These indicators tell you that there is a chance that the market will move back to the upside. As long as you look at the reversal signs, the bullish reversal pattern is likely to show up sooner rather than later.

One thing to remember is that the next break higher in the price of oil will be short-lived. The bulls that use base case analysis will start buying once the break is achieved and they will start selling when the price gets below the previous peak.

It is a good idea to wait for a break before making a trade. There is no need to get into the market before the break is reached. The best trade will be made when the market is breaking higher but reversal signs linger.

The reason for this is that the base case analysis is based on past performance and does not take into account the future. Most traders are still using base case analysis. They are allowing this information to dictate their trading decisions.

In Forex, using this type of trading means you are trading on emotions rather than logic. If you were smart enough to invest in a commodity that had sustained trend movements, you would want to be invested in that commodity. You would use your emotions to determine when to enter and exit the market.

As soon as you enter the market and it breaks, you will want to cash out, even if the previous record highs were short-lived. This is the reason why traders, especially new traders, should not get in the market unless they understand the behavior of the market. Emotions should not be allowed to dictate their trading decisions.

As soon as one of the base case indicators breaks, the traders must consider their trading decisions. It is not wise to rush into the market without studying the past performance of the market. In the long-term, using this type of trading strategy can lead to a winning investment, but in the short-term, it can cost a lot of money.

Why should you listen to me about the Dollar vs Mexican Peso Technical Outlook: USD/MXN Recovery at Risk? Well, in my opinion, this will determine whether or not you will make money or lose money in the currency market. The most obvious reason why I am making this statement is because I have been taking a long-term view and that is, I started out as a Long Term Trader on the largest Forex market (USD/JPY) and soon after, I took over a small Forex company.

And because I only started out in the Forex market when the dollar was undervalued, I ended up with an opinion which was that the US Dollar was going to recover and then it did. The conclusion was obvious to me. In fact, I shared this news with the mainstream media so that they would not destroy my credibility in the markets.

But because I started out at the beginning of the cycle, my economic views were influenced by USD/MXN recovery at risk. And the truth is, that this is still my political views and if you will not acknowledge my views, then I will not listen to you. Why?

Because I do not believe that the US dollar is undervalued in the USD/MXN area. In fact, I think that the US dollar is undervalued in the FX markets. If you ask me, I feel the US dollar should be valued at a much higher level than it currently is.

So when you look at the USD/MXN sectoral outlook in the USD/MXN sector Outlook Report I have provided, and remember that we are into Year -End Breakout, you will realize that the reasons why I am making this statement is because the USD/MXN segment is pretty much flat in the middle of its recovery from the post-Great Recession lows of March 2020. To be sure, there are some forces that can throw this sector upside and this could mean very good news for the Long Term Traders.

But if you focus only on the value of the MXN and forget about the USD, you are headed for a horrible mistake. The reason I say that is because of the fact that some of the emerging economies are looking like they could join the party before the end of the year and then it is very difficult to say where the USD/MXN sector will end up.

For example, they are all over the charts, the Nifty or Sensex or the NSE or NASDAQ are all over the charts, but Private Equities Analysts will tell you that this will all be wiped out by China and the RMB. Now I think you know the answer to this problem.

OK, back to the question about the USD/MXN sector’s recovery. This is the time to get aggressive in the FX markets, but it is the time to be very careful and have an eye on the opportunity cost of your moves.

For example, if you open a USD/MXN trade with a point spread of four points and go into the field to buy, if you are wrong and the dollar recovers, you will lose four points for one half points for another. If you were smart, you would only trade when the dollar is strong and you would avoid the weaker currency pairs during the weak currency days.

You will see that this is where you should use this line of reasoning in your trading and your attention will shift to the strong support points of the USD/MXN exchange rate. And remember, this is your opportunity to be aggressive with the Forex.

Now, I know you might be worried about the fact that your life may be disrupted in some way because of this, but remember, if you choose to be a long term trader, you are going to have to learn about opportunities and about trading. Trading well is the most important aspect of being a long term trader.

So, if you can take this opportunity and if you can be a great trader, then you will be making some real money in the currency markets. if you are not, then you are doing something wrong in your trading education.